Blender 2.8 Tutorials


Party Monkey

Suzanne is ready for a party. Help her put on a hat.

Tree of Cubes

Not all trees look the same. Try this tree of cubes.


Buttons for eyes and a carrot for a nose. Build your snowman.

Coloring the Snowman

The snowman can use some color. Give your snowman a nice color.

Simple House

Model a house by just moving some edges.


This rocket just takes some easy steps to create.

Flying snowball

Throw a snowball at your snowman. How fast do you hit the snowman?

Fly camera

Use the fly camera to properly position the camera.

Render animation

Learn how to render your animation and create your movie.

Render engines

Blender contains several render engines. Learn about these engines.


An introduction to 3D

A short introduction into 3D, modelling, gaming and animation.


Build a maze using subdivide and extrude.


Model a simple kitchen chair using loop cut and extrude.


Model a landscape. Learn about proportional editing and reflections.

Palm Tree

Model a palm tree using loop cut and the knife tool.


Model an island with water, trees and rocks.


Learn how to make rounded corners on geometry.


Learn how to make one object the parent of another.

Low poly car

Learn how to model a low poly car using modifiers.

Model a cup

Learn how to model a basic cup using modifiers.


Learn how to model and color a low poly giraffe.

Low poly well

Learn how to model and color a low poly well.